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Our Plants

Our Plants

Safety and high quality are guaranteed by various checks based on GMP.
The through health management is the foundation of HOSHI CORPORATION.

By meeting severe consumer requirements, it is clear that differentiation with other products becomes more important in the area of cosmetic production.
Our production line must clear variety of tasks to respond those high demands.
Our cosmetics manufacturing plants have through management of safety and quality at all the manufacturing processes from selecting optimal ingredients to delivery of finished goods.
We propose the solution according to requests of customers such as selection of production line in accordance with lot size and cost reduction by cooperation with overseas factory.

In addition to it, we promise to respond your sophisticated business needs with our newly developed system with expanded Research and Development office in 2005 as the center of whole STARLAB Group.

Our Plant’s Philosophy

“Manufacturing the best cosmetics” We work together to manufacture products from R&D to Quality management with the pride.

“We want to enhance your quality of life by our cosmetics” - This is what we work for.
Our domestic plants manufacture various products such as hair care products and toiletry including cosmetics. Although the special field of engaged staffs varies, all work have led to “producing the best cosmetics”.
All STARLAB group members have desire to manufacture the best cosmetics. We believe that to make better cosmetics increases quality of life from manufacturers and consumer to everyone through our products.
We prioritize sharing knowledge with researchers assembled from every plant as specialists who take a central role at the area of R&D.
We, as an important player of cosmetics OEM, strongly support your business for the creation of prosperous worlds.

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Safety and Quality Management

Safety and high quality are secured by various inspections.
The through health management is the foundation of HOSHI CORPORATION.
We cannot be enough to make effort about manufacturing products.
This is our safety and quality management.

Safety and quality management of our domestic plants are based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) in all manufacturing processes from stock acceptance to finishing products. Hereafter, we explain three example processes of “stock acceptance”, “production” and “filling” to build your better understanding.

Stock Acceptance

Cosmetics procurement and material sales are the central pillars of HOSHI CORPORATION since its foundation.
Taking advantage of the accumulated know-how, we procure safe and high quality ingredients from various channels.
After materials have received, they undergo not only strict inspections by all sorts of equipment and also have been checked looks and touch by sophisticated inspectors.
We firmly confirm safety and quality by the data and human senses.


In a manufacturing area, clean environment where satisfies the level of manufacturing ordinary medicines has always maintained.
Dusts and dirt in the air is carefully removed by air purifiers, ozone pasteurizer and UV pasteurizer. Materials are measured both on the date before and the same date of manufacturing date.
Human errors are prevented by measuring different dates, time and staffs. The mixed ingredients undergo various checks such as fungus inspection by using liquid chromatography, firmness and the viscosity check by rheometer (viscometer), and looks and smell check by trained inspectors.


At the process of filling up a container with cosmetics, we introduced removable stainless pipes.
This can perform through health management by removing pipes periodically for washing and sterilization.
Moreover, the total weight checker with the metal detector is used for inspection. Materials which passed this inspection are voluntary conducted destructive inspection.
The propriety for delivery is judged after 48 hours cultivation. Only materials which passed this test become our product.

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