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What kind of products would you be able to manufacture?
Almost all cosmetics(Skin care products), toiletries and makeups can be manufactured, but there are a few exceptions.
Is it possible to order from overseas?
Currently we are entrusted with OEM production not only from Asian countries also European customers with the business concepts of “Made in Japan”. Moreover, since we have an export department, we can offer you a consistent support from manufacture to export.
Are there any direct overseas business?
Hoshi Corporation has 30 years overseas business achievements. Our main overseas clients are from Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, France, Russia and Vietnam.
Is it possible to purchase only contents(Bulk) of the cosmetics?
We are able to export raw materials and bulk as well as contents of the cosmetics.
Will it be okay to contact you as it is a first time to try cosmetic OEM?
We, Hoshi Corporation group, consistently deliver to all customers the right offerings to support every OEM business steps such as market research, manufacturing cosmetics, packaging designing and sales support.
Do you accept plant (factory) tours?
Yes. Many of overseas customers came and visit our factories.
Can we have meetings in overseas?
We shall be delight to come.
Approximately how much does it cost for a trial production?
Basically, it is free for the specified amount. However it will be an exception in case of using and manufacturing with special materials.
Can we outsource you packaging design?
We have own designers to propose original and unique designs.
Does your factory have strong quality control and safety management system?
The raw material receiving test is conducted by using the latest precision instruments and the sensory test to check the texture by sophisticated inspectors. The clean environments are always maintained at a manufacturing area and only finished goods which have passed more severe inspections can be delivered to customers.
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