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OSEANOS Balancing Power Series The "Tuning Cosmetics"

About OSEANOS Cosmetic Series

  1. Our Product Outline “Tuning Cosmetic”, the concept of mother ocean
  2. Magical ingredient : Marine Placenta(learn more)
  3. Other Selected Beauty Ingredients
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Detailed Introductions on our Products

Balancing Power Soap

The soft and elastic foam removes the pore deep dirt.
“Marine Silt” from Okinawa is blended.
It leads to clear and light skin.

Balancing Power Lotion

It gives your skin full of grace.
A thick texture will quickly penetrates deep into the skin layer and leads to clear skin.

Balancing Power Serum

This is rich concentrated essence which is blended 10 times of Marine Placenta as it is blended in the power lotion.
Thick but smooth and great moisturize but smooth.

Balancing Power Cream

This is called the vantage cream which sticks to your skin just like a bandage and protects your grace.
Its light and smooth texture is comfortable to use regardless in the morning and night.

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