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Water with energy of powerful stone

Water with energy of powerful stone

Japan has many active volcanoes and their abundant natural resources of rich-in mineral had been sedimented over millions of years. By utilizing this traditional and mysterious power, the water with powerful stone energy leads to beauty.

1 Special Mineral Water

Almandine is natural mineral which is created by a change of geological environment with hydrothermal activity. By generating strong minus ion and far-infrared radiation, it removes active oxygen which can be a cause of aging skin from the body.

2 Legend Mineral Water

This water has a power of Tensho Stone (it is sometimes called “Searal Stone” In foreign countries) which is mined only Miyagi prefecture, Japan. It generates far-infrared radiation with wavelengths from 4~14 microns which interact the most to human body and expect to relieve swelling.

3 Multi-functional Ion Water

The water has filtered and circulated with 12kinds of ceramic ball for 300 hours.
Hair growth, improvement of gray hair to black hair and moisturizing effect is expected by its far-infrared ray effect.

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