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Plant-origin Natural Water

Japan stretches approximately 3,000km from Hokkaido in the northeast to Okinawa in the southwest. There is a lush green environment to enjoy trees and flowers for every season and we incorporate those gifts from nature into our everyday life. Distinctive of regional and seasonal plants will add vital power to your products.

1 Sasa Kurilensis Water


This botanical water is obtained from leaves and stems of Sasa Kurilensis which grows naturally in native nationalized beech forest in Aomori prefecture. This water is produced to purify distillated liquid after crush under low temperature and high pressure. The water has same acidity as your skin and has great moisturizing effect.

2 Hamamelis Water


This water is made from the plant Hamamelis virginiana and obtained by the distillation of twigs, bark and leaves of them. No preservative is used. This can be called as all-purpose water which astringent, wound repair and antiseptic effects are expected.

3 Shell Ginger Water


Only native species of Okinawa Ryukyu Island are used. Their unique scent has traditionally been used as insect repellent in Okinawa. This leaf and stem derived water has natural antibacterial and ultraviolet-absorbing properties.

4 Loofah Water


350 years ago, loofah is introduced to Japan from China in Edo-era. It contains rich vitamins to prevent skin aging so the gourd juice is often called as “beauty water”.

5 Aloe Vela Leaf Water


It is reported that Aloe Vera leaf can increase the body’s natural collagen production. The water is extracted by patented low temperature evaporation technique. This Aloe Vela are cultivated without any use of fertilizers and agrochemicals.

6 Yuzu Peel Water


Yuzu are traditionally used in preparation for a special hot bath and believed to ward off winter colds and healing of chapped skin. Yuzu, grown in Kochi prefecture are carefully extracted by vacuum distillation not to lose its beautiful scent.

7 Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) Water


The skincare’s Hinoki Cypress water containing natural phytoncide effect provides excellent moisturizing, anti-bacterial and soothing effects. The water is made in the method of steam distillation of Japanese domestic cypresses.

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