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Water from the ocean and mountains

Water from the ocean and mountains

Japan is located on the seismically active Pacific Rim, and is therefore have wealth of natural hot springs. When applied directly to the skin, mineral-rich hot-spring water can help to naturally relieve certain skin conditions. Moreover, surrounded by oceans, water collected from the deep see will increase added value of the products with its great entropy, normality and stability.

Deep Seawater

Deep Sea

Deep seawater is the name for cold, salty water found below 200m of deep sea. The deep sea water from North Atlantic Ocean circulate all over the world and reaches Japan after 2,000 long years. From the year of 1985, the full-fledged research of our deep seawater has begun and currently is extracted in nationwide. Use of deep seawater has penetrated into numerous fields ranging from foods to medicines and health products. There are 5 outstanding points of the use of deep seawater.

  1. 1. Rich of inorganic nutrient such as nitrogen, phosphoric acid and silicon
  2. 2. More than 80 kinds of minerals like tend to lack magnesium are contained in well balance
  3. 3. Virus-free
  4. 4. Stable quality regardless of seasonal or cyclical variations
  5. 5. By maturing under high hydrostatic pressure, the water gains high penetration ratio to skin This clean, safe and rich nutrition water could be ultimate water for human body.

1 Hokkaido Shiretoko Rausu Deep Seawater

Shiretoko Peninsula is located in the north of Hokkaido and has entered world natural heritage site. Rausu faces the sea of Okhotsk and it is known as the world’s southernmost place where drift ice can be observed.

2 Kochi Muroto Deep Seawater

Kochi Muroto Cape is located the southernmost of Shikoku region in the Pacific Ocean. It is well known due to its tropical climate which colorful sub-tropical plants are flourishing through one year.

3 Ishikawa Noto Deep Seawater

Noto peninsula is jutting out into Japan Sea from Hokuriku region. Its irregular coastline creates a wealth of scenic spots.

4 Okinawa Kume Island Deep Seawater

Kume Island (Kumejima) is located about 100 kilometers west of Okinawa. Historically due to Kumejima’s subtropical climate and abundance of freshwater, rice was once extensively cultivated.

Onsen (Hot Spring) Water

Onsen (Hot Spring) Water

1 Okayama Yubara Onsen Water

From Tumulus period of Japanese history, Yubara Onsen site is for people of this area who work at the “Tatara Seitetsu” – a kind of iron manufacturing method – and was their medical treatment place.

2 Shimane Izumo Onsen Water

Surrounded by clear stream and beauty of landscape, Izumo hot spring site is widely known as medicated bath from 1,200 years ago. From its efficacy, it is often called as “beauty’s hot water” and the water thoroughly penetrates into the skin.

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