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High Functional Water

High Functional Water based on documented research

Accumulation of data from many studies has ample evidence to back up its “functionality” and “efficacy”. Most of skin care products are consist of high percentage of water. Therefore, the quality of water is very important and it also could be one of active ingredient.

1.Super Percolating Electrolysis Water

This patented water is generated by discharging electricity and gives electrical energy into water molecules. Because of its high permeability, it is expected to accelerate the healing of wounds.

2.Platinum Water

Platinum has very similar electrical characteristic to human skin. By focusing on this property, it is expected to prevent discolorations and freckles, and give moisuturization to skin by maintaining an electric balance of inner skin.

3.Super Pure Water

This has been removed any and all kinds of bacterium and dust to the minimum level. Excellent in permeability, bacteriostatic action and washability and it also optimizes efficacy of active ingredients.

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