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Fruit-origin Natural Water

Fruit-origin Natural Water

Natural Fruit Water – derived from sun-kissed fruit grown in abundance and cultivated in Japan. Fruit supports your beauty from inside of your body and it also helps skin to be brighter and clearer. Fruit will help to care for your skin.
Our Fruit Water is suitable for combining all kinds of cosmetic products.

1 Apple Water


Derived from apples produced in Aomori prefecture

Aomori is the number one apple producer in Japan.
It is also distinguished from other prefectures by the flavor, varieties and nutritional level of its apple.
In Japan, there is a saying that goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This saying is used throughout the world, but Japanese people in particular eat apples with steady regularity. They have long been loved by people as beauty and health food.

2 Mandarin Orange (Unshu-Mikan) Water


Derived from mandarin oranges produced in Ehime prefecture

Mild temperatures all year around make Ehime a great production area of mandarin oranges. Ehime faces the Seto Island Sea and its beautiful landscape and calm climate make people call “the Aegean Sean in Japan.” Mandarin oranges picked by hand are very fresh and their natural sweetness and deliciousness is quite distinguishing.

3 Strawberry Water


Derived from “Tochiotome” strawberries produced in Tochigi prefecture

Tochigi is Japan’s largest producer of strawberries. “Tochiotome” is one of the well-known strawberry brands in Tochigi. Plenty of Vitamin C content supports anti-ageing effect for the skin.

4 Peach Water


Derived from peaches produced in Japan

In Japan, peaches are cultivated from summer to autumn. The plenty of sun lights nurtures the peach and gives rich Vitamins. They are long been known and loved as the fruit of longevity.

5 Melon Water


Derived from melons produced in Aomori prefecture

Melon is sometimes called as “the king of fruit” and loved as the one of the best fruit. Expected the effect to improve your skin and supported by women who love natural anti-aging power.

6 Plum Water


Derived from plums produced in Wakayama prefecture

Plum is a popular ingredient of “umeshu” (plum liqueur), and is used wide variety of food products including juice, jams and syrups. Wakayama is with long daylight hours, rolling hills and mild temperatures year-round thanks to the Kuroshio Current, which brings warm water north from Okinawa and the tropical seas. These kinds of natural features are ideal for plum cultivation.

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