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Certified unique water ingredients

Let us rethink cosmetic water

Water makes up about 60% of your body weight.
It has already became common sense to choose water (hard water, soft water, mineral water etc..) in accordance with dairy physical condition.
When choosing cosmetic product, what is your basic criteria of “water” used?

For example, over 95% of general cosmetic lotion is composited by water. Therefore it can be said that water is closely related to the effects of skin care products more than active ingredients.
Selecting water became essential for not only drinking, but also restoring skin balance.

Moreover, Japan is surrounded by seas and is forested foothills occupying over 80% of its nation.
We have plenty of water sources benefiting from nature and most of those have been approved as cosmetic ingredients. Those water ingredients receive high reputation and gain support from our customers.

By reconsidering content water, it offers products grantee high levels of quality in addition to customer satisfaction. Our water can embody the company’s brand concept and generate the story with the product.
Please try the power of water created by nature of Japan.
We offer this unique water as a cosmetic ingredient and also able to combine those water ingredients to your OEM formulation.

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