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High “Made in Japan” Quality with Reliability

Cushion Foundation

Features of “Made-in-Japan” Cushion Foundation

○Safety & Reliability – Developed and manufactured in Japan

○5 “Free”s for healthy skin

1. Paraben, 2. Alcohol, 3. Mineral Oil, 4. Synthetic pigment and 5. Artificial Coloring

○2 original formulation – Cover type and Sheer Type

○Your base makeup can be done by only using Cushion Foundation!

What is “Cushion Foundation”?

Cushion compacts contain liquid foundation which is impregnated into special sponge in an easy-to-carry compact. It has both ability of convenience from powder type foundation and full-coverage from liquid type foundation. You neither need primer nor finishing powder.

Moreover, it also helps protect your skin’s beauty by environmental pollution such as ultra violet rays and PM 2.5.

Predominance of Japanese Cushion Foundation

Cushion foundation has been a game-changing innovation in the beauty market and became hugely popular in Korea in 2014. They have been introduced and have been taken a firm hold on Japanese makeup market by 2016.

It is unfortunate but the majority of them are not made-in-Japan products but we are sure that you have higher quality and confidence by choosing our made-in-Japan cushion foundation.

Our products enable high value-added branding of a higher rank. Currently we are having many enquiries mainly from Asia and Europe and our made-in-Japan cushion foundation is gradually permeating through the world.

Characteristics of our formulation

○No need to apply base makeup

○Long lasting

○Perfect viscosity to fit special sponge

○Color is adjustable on request

○Able to add desired active ingredient(s) to meet your branding image

1. Cover Type

Skin tone is enhanced by covering skin troubles such as wrinkles and spots.
Smooth finishing makes skin resilience and dewiness.
Round soft focus powder is formulated – this smooth skin color and roughness.

2. Sheer Type

It glides on smoothly giving skin the appearance of having no foundation on it.
Fine but plate-shaped particle of cuticle powder is formulated – high reflectivity of its particle gives your skin natural glossy effect.

MOQ from 5,000 per color

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