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Marine Placenta

This is the run up of the natural salmon in autumn at Hokkaido.

Recommend Ingredients

If you are looking for New ingredient for Health Food supplement, there is a good news for you.
No.1 Selling Fish origin “Placenta – Like” materials in Japan
(More than 200 companies adopted. Till 2014’ Sept)

MP Marine Placenta® (Fresh salmon ovary membrane extract)

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It Helps you to develop New Concept Product

MP Marine placenta® gives you new idea for Beauty food , Anti-aging food and Placenta food so on.

You can develop your product without using ANIMAL ORGAN EXTRACT

Some of your customer is worried about to use Placenta materials for religious reason , animal desease, or material source.
MP Marine Placenta® is coming from natural salmon from the ocean.
It is free from BSE, Foot and mouth disease, Influenza and so on.

100% Natural Origin

MP Marine placenta® is made from fresh salmon ovary membrane. And there are no preservatives , no chemicals to add.

Safe and Clean

There are test result for PCB, Agrichemical, endocrine-disrupting Radioactivity and not detective.

Only dim smell

There is only dim smell, so you can use this for Beverage, candy , general food and of course health food suppliment.

There are Patent and Clinical Data Study (In-Vivo, In-Vitro)

  1. Test for Skin Beauty
  2. lood test
  3. Hair Growth
  4. Fibrobrast Activation
  5. Anti Oxident
  6. Collagen-producing promotion action

And Patents awarded to・・・

  1. dry skin improvement formulation (patent No. JP3899116, patented in Korea)
    - Patented effect in skin improvement
  2. IGF-1 value-increasing agent (Patent No. JP3946238, patented in Korea)
    - Patented anti-aging effect
  3. patent awarded to SDPTG Aging Index improvement formulation (Patent No. JP3946239, patented in Korea)
    - Patented effect in improvement of peripheral blood circulation

Halal Product

Halal certification acquisition finished

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Adoption example

Case 1

Southeast Asian company(Local) 100mg MP Marine Placenta® into 100mg capsule X 30 Sales more than 5000 set for 1 month.

Case 2

Southeast Asian company (International company) As side material for Health food capsule(Collagen Product)

Case 3

EastAsia Company(Local company) Cosmetics company As side material for their collgen drink product.

Over the 200 companies use the product in domestic and abroad.
Why they Choose the MP Marine Placenta® ?

MP Marine Placenta® contains rich amino acid and many kind of Nutrition for health and beauty.
〜AminoAcid、Collagen、Chondroitin、Hyaluronic acid、nucleic acid、Elastin etc〜

  1. Because there are many study data and analytical data.
  2. This is looking white and dim smell compare with other one.
  3. They felt some efficacy for their selves.



Aminoacid MP Marine Placenta MP-100 Animal Placenta A Animal placenta B
Isoleucine 3,200mg 1,400mg 2,020mg
Leucine 5,800mg 4,000mg 4,940mg
Lysine 6,100mg 4,100mg 4,140mg
Methionine 2,600mg 820mg 1,010mg
Cysteine 580mg 1,100mg 510mg
Phenylalanine 2,600mg 2,100mg 2,820mg
Tyrosine 2,000mg 1,100mg 1,680mg
Threonine 4,000mg 2,400mg 2,480mg
Tryptophan 410mg 350mg 410mg
Valine 4,100mg 3,000mg 3,350mg
Arginine 6,800mg 4,000mg 6,440mg
Histidine 1,700mg 1,600mg 1,760mg
Alanine 6,700mg 4,700mg 6,600mg
Asparagine 8,500mg 5,400mg 6,430mg
Glutamic acid 12,000mg 7,600mg 10,000mg
Glycine 11,000mg 7,600mg 14,500mg
Proline 5,800mg 4,600mg 8,330mg
Serine 5,000mg 2,800mg 3,660mg
Total 88,890mg 58,670mg 81,080mg
Molecular weight
1,800-3,500 3.00%
900-1,800 12.30%
380-900 33.00%
100-380 38.10%
Bellow 100 13.60%
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MP Marine Placenta® is registered to Nippon Barrier Free Co.,Ltd.
All the patents and copyrights belongs to Nippon Barrier Free Co.,Ltd.
Hoshi Corporation is Sole agent of Marine Placenta.
We have agents in the countries bellow;

  1. Thailand
  2. Taiwan
  3. China(Inc.HongKong)
  4. South Korea
  5. Malaysia
  6. Australia
  7. Indonesia