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Marine chondroitin®

This is the run up of the natural salmon in autumn at Hokkaido.

Same as human type of MucopolysaccharideSalmon cartilage extract

(Raw Material for Health Food)

This is New Type of Mucopolisaccaride Protein from Salmon nose Cartilage that we the Japanese have eaten traditionally.

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1. It has same type of Chondroitin as Human

Chondroitin sulfate exists type A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K type.
In human body, it exist the chondroitin sulfate w A and a C type.
The type A in particular decreases rapidly by aging.
It can extract the chondroitin sulfate of the type A from a whale, a cow other than a salmon.
The chondroitin sulfate of MC is a Hybrid type of type A and the C type.

Type Main Disaccharides Unit Origin
A ⊿G1cAβ(1-3)GalNaAc4-O-Sulfate Whale Carttilage, Bovine Cartilage
B ⊿IdoA2-O-Sulfateβ(1-3)Ga1NAc Pork Skin
C ⊿GlcAβ(1-3)GalNaAc6-O-Sulfate Shark Cartilage
D ⊿GlcA2-O-Sulfateβ(1-3)GalNAc4-O-Sulfate Shark Cartilage
E ⊿GlcAβ(1-3)GalNaAc4,6-O-Sulfate Japanese Common Squid Cartilage
K ⊿GlcA3-O-Sulfateβ(1-3)GalNAc HorseShoe Crab Cartilage
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2. Evidence

Test for Skin condition Improvement(Skin Elasticity、Wrinkle )
Blood Test(Increasing Chondroitin Sulfate amount in Serum )
Urinalysis(Bone resorption restraint by the NTx level drop

3. Traceability

  1. Natural Japanese salmon origin, We can chase a history.
  2. There is residual test about "a tetracycline-based antibiotic (oxytetracycline chlortetracycline tetracycline), a spiromycin", synthetic antibiotics , a pesticide (475 kinds), PCB, heavy metal, the dioxin.

4. Safety data

LD50, Reverse mutation test

5. Usage

1. Water soluble, you can use any formula such as Tablet, capsule, Jelly, Beverage and so on.

2. Fish origin Mucopolysaccharide.

3. Not only C type of Chondroitin but you can supply A type that will be reduced by age.


No Commodity Spec Test Method
1 Appearance White〜light yellow
Lightly smell
Sensory test
2 Chondroitin More than 50.0% Barium sulfate assay
3 Protein Bellow 60.0% Kjeldahl method
4 Fat Bellow 1.0% Soxhlet extraction method
5 Moisture Bellow 10.0% Japanese Standards of Food Additive
6 Ash Bellow 25.0%以下 Japanese Standards of Food Addtive
7 pH 5.0〜7.5 Same as above
8 Heavy Metal Bellow20 μg/g Same as above
9 Arsenic Bellow2 μg/g Same as above
10 Aerobic Plate Count Bellow 3,000/g The standard agar nutrient medium culture method
11 total number fungus Bellow 100/g GP agar nutrient medium culture method
12 E.Coli N.D XM-G agar nutrient medium culture method

Neutrition Facts per 100g (Only for reference)

Energy 329Kcal Calculation
Moisture 3.4g The ordinary pressure drying method
Fat 0g The acidolysis method
carbohydrate 39.9g Calculation
Protein 42.4g Kjeldahl method
Sodium 2,800mg Atomic absorption spectrophotometry
Ash 14.3g calcification