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Health Food Raw Material&OEM

Health Food ODM

*Can be manufactured with halal raw materials

Great reputations of proven performance from over 200 overseas companies
Tasty and high-quality of Japanese health food supplements (ODM)

Did you know you are not allowed to import health food supplements to your country manufactured and sold in Japan?
Hoshi Corporation has several prescriptions of health food supplements that you can import and sell directly at your local market as your “own product”.
To import health supplements, you may need to choose ingredients which satisfy local regulations and observe local laws in accordance with sound business practices.
Moreover, for an original product to be developed from scratch, it might take more than 6 month. Considering this point, you can shorten development time by using our own prescriptions. What all we need to do is customizing packaging design and modifying in presentation with relevant laws and administrative regulations.
We are establishing the system to swiftly develop your own products.

RAW Material

We, Hoshi Corporation, started our business as a raw material trading company in 1975. As well as making use of the strengths of this procurement capability, we also distribute ingredients of cosmetic and health supplements. It is possible for us to source all kinds of raw materials by building a relationship of trust and partnership with other local raw material trading companies.

Our company’s advantage

・Abundant expertise of mass production for overseas clients
・High quality of made-in-Japan products are for your original products
・Health food supplements complying with the applicable laws and regulations
・Launch your own product at least 3 month
・Any dosage forms are available such as chewable, jelly, drink and granule
・Our prescriptions are efficiently and effectively utilize active ingredients
・Bulk supply is also acceptable

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