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Cosmetic container

Cosmetic container Manufacturer

Product Line:Compact Case/Lipsticks/Lip Gloss/Plastic Jars/Retractable pencils
Material of container: Plastic, PED and PP

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What kind of container are you looking for?

Cosmetic containers are stand as a key way for clients and customers to inspire curiosity. They are really required to have attractive shape, color and design to react current trends.
To realize this, HOSHI CORPORATION has established cosmetic container manufacturing factory which is specialized for product development and technical services in Jakarta, Indonesia. We successfully are accomplished to obtain ISO 9002 and have quality management of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). Permanent Japanese staff has been dispatched to facilitate staff technical competence permitting the same level of quality control as provided in Japan.
The attractive and extensive generic products are also available.

Manufacturing Process Flow


To materialize client’s requests, we offer more ideal image by taking compatibility between bulk and container, and design and colors of each parts into account.


Based on the design image, we develop three-dimensional design by using 3D-CAD. In this stage, we develop die mold by taking various factors into consideration such as the characteristics of material, bulk formulation and specific gravity of content amount.

Develop Die Mold

Die mold is manufactured in Taiwan. By proceeding fine tuning in Indonesia, it becomes capable to shorten the time and reduce the cost.

Adjust Coloring

We reproduce the actual imaged color accurately. With over decades of experience, we have accumulated a wide range of color adjusting technics and have extensive types of raw materials.

Injection Molding

Material (Plastic) granules for the parts are pressure-injected, cooled down and hardened to the configuration of cavity. Their beautiful gloss lines, decoration and robustness produce high-class images.


Printing and decorating by the methods of hot stamp and silkscreen is available on the containers. We can correspond to fine decorating in response to types and shapes containers.

UV Coating / Vapor Deposition

UV Coating results in very high shine finish, good abrasion resistance,
high clarity and reduce production time.
Vacuum deposition is a type of surface engineering treatment used to deposit layers of material onto a substrate and this process is conducted in a vacuum environment.


To prevent damage to workpieces, we operate this very carefully and simultaneously sort defective parts.

Quality Management

We assure the same level of Japanese quality standard as a world-class quality control standard to preserve high quality management system.