HOSHI CORPORATION about OEM and product development for cosmetics.

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what is OEM

Cosmetic OEM

Hoshi Corporation is a company that manufactures cosmetics, health food and quasi-drugs.
〜dealing over 700 companies,offers high quality and credibility of OEM cosmetics〜

Hoshi Corporation is a Japanese cosmetic manufacturing company.
We have a large trading connections on cosmetics manufacturer not only in Japan, but used successfully abroad to Asian countries, such as Taiwan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam as well as Australia, and Russia.
We are able to manufacture skincare products, quasi-drugs, health foods, lipsticks, foundation, eyeshadow, eye brow, and other general make-up products from body care, hair care, fragrances and mouth-care products. We can manage a wide range of issues on manufacturing products.
Our company provides total support of your product planning, manufacturing system, and quality control in order to produce original cosmetics by focusing on market and target of your company.
Please chose us, Hoshi Corporation, as one of a high quality and highly reliable manufacturing of "Made in Japan Cosmetics."

Unique OEM

As an industry-leading cosmetic manufacturing company, Hoshi Corporation offers business service in the field of cosmetic OEM market by developing and manufacturing variety of unique beauty items for local cosmetic maker.

As well as developing safe and secure formulation, we are focusing on using high quality of Japanese ingredients.

In addition to the product originality, we propose continuous total business support together with sales method and advice, and the way of attractive product presentation based on solid knowledge and past experience.

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